Thiel Heating and Cooling-Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Considered

Air conditioning, heating, and ventilation are the principal technology of vehicular and indoor environmental comfort. Its aim is to provide acceptable indoor air quality and thermal comfort. These three technologies are intimately related in the sense that they each serve to reduce indoor temperature, circulate the air, and/or remove moisture from the air, all of which are fundamental requirements for comfort.Learn more about us at Thiel Heating and Cooling-Ac Repair

In simple terms, air conditioning and heating can be thought of as two different ways of dealing with a common problem: heat loss. Heat loss is often due to improper installation of doors and windows, inefficient flooring materials and structures, inefficient operation of forced air systems, ineffective ventilation procedures, and inadequate heat transfer equipment (such as furnaces and freezers). With air conditioning, an optimized heating and cooling system are implemented so that excess heat is removed and the amount of heat emanating from a room is mitigated. Likewise, with ventilation, efficient ventilation procedures are used so that contaminated air is removed from the building.

These systems have become very energy-efficient over time. The efficiency of air conditioning and heating systems has improved through the use of new technologies and materials, specifically energy-efficient refrigerant and heat exchangers. In addition, recent technological advances have made the construction of new homes easier, which has led to an overall decline in the cost of building construction. In effect, the rising cost of building an energy-efficient home is partially offset by the increased value attained through such energy-efficient housing. In essence, the energy-efficient house reduces fuel consumption, increases home value, and decreases household carbon footprint.