Secretaries Are Going Virtual

The days of Secretaries being stationed next to their Manager’s office and being summoned to sit in front of their boss’s desk to take shorthand are long gone.view publisher site

Businesses can now obtain secretarial services from a ‘virtual office.’ Secretaries and administrators have their own office, which is normally located at home and equipped with all of the latest technology and equipment used in any modern office.

It’s a trend that’s gaining momentum as companies realise the various benefits it provides, such as just paying for the time it takes to complete a job, saving on holiday and sick leave, superannuation, and not having to pay their secretary to have a chat with a colleague about a television show they watched the night before; more and more businesses are finding the assistance of a Virtual Admin.

It is no longer appropriate for a Secretary, Personal Assistant, or Administrator to function directly alongside their Boss. Even in today’s workplace, the majority of contact is done through email, VOIP, or social media, so what difference does it make if your Secretary is located on the other side of the globe?

Small companies who cannot justify hiring a full-time employee and the associated headaches of recruitment, training, and supervision are increasingly turning to virtual assistants.

When a small business owner is dealing with bureaucracy and being engrossed in menial yet important paperwork, they should be focused on more lucrative results and putting their resources and expertise to better use.

A virtual assistant is an excellent option for small companies that cannot justify hiring a full-time, permanent employee but only need assistance for a few hours per week. This will give the business owner peace of mind, knowing that a capable office administrator is taking care of this important aspect of running a company.