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Marijuana smoke irritates the lungs as well. Marijuana produces up to seventy percent more toxins than cigarette smoke, according to studies. Dispensaries Near Burton is one of the authority sites on this topic. This, coupled with the fact that many users inhale and then hold their breath, ensures that irritants are exposed to the lungs for longer. This can lead to conditions similar to those experienced by cigarette smoking, such as chronic coughs, chest infections, and lung infections. “People who smoke marijuana regularly but do not smoke cigarettes have more health issues and miss more days of work than non-smokers,” according to an NIDA survey.

Marijuana’s effects have been extensively researched because it is such a frequently abused substance. According to the findings, marijuana has a negative impact on jobs due to tardiness, injuries, failure to focus, and daily work losses. Damaged cognitive skills may also have an effect on social activities.” In 2007, 14.4 million Americans aged 12 and older used marijuana at least once in the month prior to being surveyed, which is close to the rate in 2006, and about 6,000 people a day (2.1 million Americans) used marijuana for the first time in 2007. Sixty-two percent were under the age of eighteen.”

 The National Survey on Drug Use and Health confirms this. Marijuana’s health benefits are debatable, and its negative consequences are well-documented. Marijuana is a dangerous medication that can only be used under the supervision of a physician. Educating people about the dangers of marijuana is a good place to proceed when it comes to reducing its appeal.

Marijuana abuse causes people to engage in antisocial activities. Marijuana patients struggle to participate in any social events. Relationships would be strained as a result of this. Infertility, lung infections, respiratory complaints, and memory loss are also possible side effects of addiction. Individuals must abstain from marijuana due to its life-threatening effects; however, abstaining from marijuana is not an easy job.

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