NovaGenix – An Update

Androgen replacement therapy is a type of hormone treatment in which testosterone, typically testosterone, is replaced by an artificial compound called androstenone. ART is frequently prescribed as an alternative to men who have excessive amounts of the male sex hormone testosterone in their bodies, due to a medical condition called male hypogonadism, which causes the body to produce too much of the hormone. Men who have this condition may have Testosterone Deficiency, a condition that causes testosterone to be produced at an inadequate level. Men who suffer from Testosterone Deficiency can benefit from using testosterone replacement therapy to recover their normal testosterone levels. Checkout NovaGenix.

Another possible benefit of testosterone replacement therapy is the reduction of cardiovascular risks. Low levels of testosterone can contribute to high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and stroke. In addition, low testosterone levels have been linked to conditions such as acne, breast enlargement, diabetes, infertility, fatness, mood disorders, aggression, baldness, and weight gain. These and other conditions are associated with the male sex hormone and have been found to be more common in men with low testosterone levels.

It is not always possible to pinpoint exactly what causes low testosterone levels, but there are a number of potential reasons, including age, injuries, chemotherapy, disease, and other diseases affecting the pituitary gland, which produces the hormones. Many doctors recommend that patients start treatment with low testosterone therapy before the age of 40. If side effects or other issues occur, these should be discussed with your doctor. However, many patients report great results, even from late in life when testosterone levels are low.