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“We are delighted to welcome you to our Belgrade Oral Surgery Center. We are pleased to offer you our top-notch health care, with the highest standards of safety and quality in our dental practice. We aim to give you the very best for your dental needs. From traditional dentures to cosmetic procedures and much more, we are committed to giving you only the very best care. Whether it is same-day dental implants or full-service dentures, Belgrade oral surgeon Dr. John Bennion & his team are certain to give you personalized, quality care for your smile so you can truly feel your best.Learn more by visiting Belgrade Oral Surgery

For over thirty years, we have been serving the greater Boston area by offering expert, compassionate, and cost-effective dental care. Our team of licensed and skilled dentists and surgeons are committed to offering only the very best to you. From traditional dentures and bridges to more cosmetic procedures, we aim to give you only the very best for your teeth and mouth. “I was very thankful that my oral surgeon, Dr. John B. Bennion, and his staff were very gentle with me throughout the procedure. I was able to go in knowing that everything would be done professionally and as pain-free as possible,” said Maria, a resident of Belgrade. “I was also very grateful that my oral surgeon, Dr. John B. Bennion, and his staff worked diligently to keep me fully apprised of my level of pain and comfort throughout the procedure.”

When it comes to your health, don’t take chances. Find a trusted oral surgeon and make an appointment today. If there’s anything you need to know before your first visit, you can always call and get your hands on the information. You can trust them to guide you through a healthy, pain-free recovery that will leave you smiling – and feeling healthier.

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