How to Stay Away from Bed Bug Bites

Bites from bed bugs are rarely painful. A bed bug bite, on the other hand, can cause allergic reactions such as skin irritation, rashes, and even infections. These bloodsuckers don’t choose their victims, so it’s important to understand how to avoid and contain an infestation. Indianapolis Bed Bug Exterminator Association┬áis one of the authority sites on this topic.

Know the Facts: It’s important to understand what these bugs are and how they emerge in order to prevent them from entering your home or apartment. They prefer well-protected crevices and, as the name suggests, beds and mattresses. Bed bugs are small brown insects with no wings that measure less than an inch in length. Since they can live for long periods of time, it’s important to get rid of them.

Finding Bed Bugs: The most important thing to do to stop being bitten by these bloodsuckers is to find areas where they can flourish and thrive. The mattress, bed frame, and areas near the bed should all be checked first. They can also be found on furniture, in cracks and holes, in luggage, and on clothing. If there is evidence of an infestation, thoroughly inspect the entire bedroom and home. Bite marks on the skin and blood stains on the bed sheet are also positive signs that they are present.

Cleaning is one of the most effective ways to keep bed bugs at bay. Make it a point to clean the house and the bedroom on a regular basis. Scrub areas and wipe furniture clean if necessary. Cleaning assists in the removal of rodents from their “harborages,” or safe havens. Vacuuming is one of the most powerful ways to rid the house of these insects. Be sure to sweep areas thoroughly before wiping them down.

Steam: Steam cleaning will help destroy bed bugs that are already present. Since they are sensitive to high pressure, exposing them to the steamer would ultimately destroy them. Be sure to add enough heat to the surfaces.

Regularly Wash Fabrics: Blankets, pillowcases, mattresses, and couch covers should all be washed in hot water on a regular basis. These pests are immediately killed by hot water. Washing fabrics once a week is a decent routine.

Expose Products to Extreme Heat: It’s also a good idea to wrap items that can’t be washed in plastic bags and expose them to the sun. The heat of the sun will sometimes be enough to destroy any bugs present.