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For certain people who have mobility problems and find it difficult to get up and down the stairs in their own homes, owning a stairlift may be a valuable experience. A stairlift will provide mobility, allowing those who are unable to climb stairs on their own to live independently in their own homes without relying on others. Fort Myers Stairlift Repair is one of the authority sites on this topic.

The most terrifying experience for someone who uses a stairlift is when it breaks down, leaving them trapped, whether upstairs or downstairs. Before calling in a stairlift repair company, there are a few items you can check to see if you can fix the problem yourself.

You’ll want to start by checking the power supply. Many stairlifts now offer both mains and battery power options. When the power goes out, the battery takes over. If your stairlift is one of the two types, you may be experiencing a power supply problem. Perhaps the battery needs to be charged or the power has been turned off.

The next move is to search for any potential obstacles. Anything getting stuck on the rails will cause the lift to stop working, and the obstruction will need to be removed in order to get it going again. This can happen when you have visitors and one of the children drops something on the stairs that wedges itself in the rails, making it difficult for the lift to function properly.

If none of this works, you’ll need to make sure your seat is in the proper place. As a safety feature, the lift will sometimes not work if the seat has not locked into the proper position. This may be a simple blunder or a repair problem. Try locking the seat in place and see if that solves the problem; if it doesn’t, you’ll need to seek professional help from a reputable stairlift repair business.

A safety switch is now standard on most stairlifts. When not in use, the safety switch allows you to pause the lift and keep it switched off, reducing the chance of injury. It’s another protection feature that prevents children from riding the lift when they visit the house. This usually consists of a key lock. To operate the lift, make sure the lock is open.

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