Choosing the Right Estate Planning Attorney

You may take care of the business of making sure your money, assets, and-most importantly-your loved ones are appropriately cared for when you pass away with the guidance of a knowledgeable estate planning attorney. You can establish a legally enforceable will, delegate power of attorney to a trusted friend or acquaintance, plan your own burial, and so much more. You can do these things on your own, but you’re better off calling someone who has the necessary knowledge and experience to assist you. When it comes to hiring a lawyer, there are a few things to keep in mind. Checkout Chapel Hill Probate Attorney.


Hiring an estate planning attorney shouldn’t deplete the assets you’re trying to leave to your heirs. Lawyers are never cheap (and you should generally avoid hiring one who is), but that doesn’t mean you can’t find someone who is. Charging a lot of money isn’t an indication of a superior lawyer; it’s a clue that he only represents wealthy clients and can get away with it. While you should avoid looking for bargains, there’s no harm in doing some research before making a decision.


The difference between a good lawyer and a bad one is experience. Even if an estate planning attorney has a degree from the best university in the country, they may not be suitable for your needs. Check to see whether they are. You can do so by looking into not only how long they’ve been practising, but also how long they’ve worked in this particular sector of law.

Attentiveness and accessibility

Not a rubber stamp, but someone with whom you can consult. If you only need a lawyer to sign a piece of paper, you can locate one for a lot less money than you can find an estate planning attorney. However, this does not stop many of these lawyers from asking a high fee, meeting for an afternoon, and then being unavailable for the rest of the time. This will not be tolerated. If you pay for legal advice, make certain you get it.


You may have a busy schedule even if you are retired. Making time for appointments might be tricky. If this is your circumstance, choose an estate planning lawyer who can meet with you even if it means staying late one afternoon or cancelling another appointment. This is a hallmark of a caring lawyer, which is exactly what you want when dealing with potentially life-altering issues.

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