Bail Bonds Tips: Selecting an Attorney

Bail bonds and the process of your release may be challenging and stressful during an arrest. However, as much as it is a relief to be out of jail and have made arrangements to compensate the bail bonds business for posting your bail, you still have larger-scale legal difficulties to deal with. Interested readers can find more information about them at Connecticut Bail Bonds Group

The next step in the process is to review the circumstances of your trial and obtain legal advice in order to reduce the severity of any potential State sanctions.

Here are some questions to consider before hiring an attorney, as well as the answers you should look for.

Is it necessary to hire an attorney?

There are a number of arrest situations in which a counsel is not required. Assume you were stopped for driving when your licence was suspended owing to previous traffic offences. If you post bond and are freed, you will most likely only need to pay your past fines in court to regain your driver’s licence. In this case, an attorney will not be required.

Other offences, on the other hand, will necessitate a formal trial to establish your guilt or innocence. Even if you’re pleading guilty, it’s a good idea to engage an attorney so that the ramifications of your arraignment are as minimal as possible.

Lawyers have expertise and experience that ordinary people lack, so even if a situation appears to be straightforward, an attorney may be able to assist. They also have legal ties that could assist them get a sentence reduced.

  1. What is the best place to look for a lawyer?

If you’ve previously worked with a bail bonds business to aid you with your bail and release, you should ask them if they have any legal counsel recommendations based on your charge. A bail bondsman works with a large number of lawyers and may even have contacts with legal firms.

You can also search online for attorney reviews or speciality companies relating to your charge by entering your location. If you cannot afford an attorney for any reason, you will be assigned a public defender in court.

  1. What characteristics should I look for in an attorney?

When choosing an attorney, look for one who has experience with the type of crime you were arrested for. Attorneys who specialise in DUI law, for example, have dealt with nearly every type of offender and will be able to appropriately advise you on the best line of action in your case.