Southern Custom Shutters  – The Benefits of Exterior Wood Shutters

Wood shutters come in a variety of types, from rustic to sophisticated. They’re tough and dependable, offering cover from the heat and nosy passers-by. They’ll last a long time and give you a lot of bang for your buck. Wooden outdoor shutters not only bring curb appeal to your house, but they also help you save money. Cold breezes will pass in when hot air is kept out with louvred shutters. They also help you secure your home investment by providing cover from the sun, wind, and rain. More reasons to invest in high-quality, customised outdoor wood shutters can be found below.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Southern Custom Shutters (Concord).

Historical and ornamental value

You’ll find a significant change in the appearance of your home right away. If the windows are the home’s eyes, the shutters draw attention to them and make them more welcoming. The ultimate effect is friendly and humid.

Louvered, raised-panel, and board-and-batten shutters are the three most popular types of decorative and operable shutters.

Louvered shutters lend homes a historically accurate look. Louvered shutters may be used in any kind of house, whether it’s Mediterranean, Mission, or Minimal. A narrower or broader louvre may be more suited to the home’s design depending on the dimensions of the space, walls, and furniture. Shutters may have fixed or flexible louvres in a number of configurations to match your project’s theme.

Shutters with movable louvres that rotate to provide flexible illumination, airflow, and privacy. Wood shutters may be closed on a breezy day to allow cool mild breezes to flow through the house. Raised-panel shutters were traditionally used on the first floor to provide privacy, while louvred shutters were used on higher floors to enable heat to escape.

Long-Lasting Security

Shutters come in a variety of types to provide cover from the elements. Coastal cities also use exterior shutters to shield windows from hurricanes. Bermuda shutters, in fact, provide excellent security from high winds and heavy rain

Board-and-batten shutters, which are made of thick wooden slabs carved to imitate barn shutters or colonial shutters and can be locked on hot days to protect you from the light, are made of thick wooden slabs carved to resemble barn shutters or colonial shutters.

Cedar is a resilient wood that can survive hurricane-force winds, rain, and extreme heat. It is, though, pliable enough to be shaped into various shapes. Cedar is a stronger, more resilient choice than other woods like oak, sycamore, and chestnut.

Wood is also a healthy option for custom shutters, especially if you have children. Unlike vinyl, wood is a raw, chemical-free fibre.

Customization possibilities

Shutters are a versatile way to draw attention to your living area. Since wooden shutters can be designed to meet a variety of preferences and desires, the style you select for your wooden exterior shutters is flexible. Depending on the architectural theme, the architecture choices vary from gritty to trendy. Choose a style that complements your home’s lines and past. Shutters can also be decorated to make your home stand out.