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Massage has an overall effect on the body. Any of the physiological effects of massage must be briefly investigated in order to explain how massage therapy functions. Visit Richmond House Beauty – Massage Winchester.

Massage has been shown to improve blood supply and lymph flow. The direct mechanical effect of massage’s rhythmically applied manual pressure and movement will significantly increase blood flow. Additionally, nerve receptor activation causes blood vessels to dilate (as a reflex action), which improves blood flow.

Lymph, a milky white fluid that carries impurities and waste away from the tissues, passes through gland-like structures that serve as filtering valves in the lymphatic system. Since lymph does not flow like blood, it is primarily propelled by the squeezing effect of muscle contractions. As a result, people who are inactive are unable to induce lymph flow. The stimulus provided by vigorous exercise, on the other hand, may be outweighed by the increased waste produced by that activity. In any case, massage will significantly aid lymphatic movement.

The number of the body’s components – the cells – must be stable for the whole body to be healthy. Since these fluids provide nutrients and oxygen while also transporting wastes and pollutants, individual cells in the body depend on a steady supply of blood and lymph. Because of the impact on circulation alone, it is easy to see why good circulation is so vital for the whole body.

Massage is also used to:

Trigger blood changes. After massage, the blood’s oxygen ability will increase by 10-15%.

Muscles all over the body are affected. Massage can help relax shortened, contracted muscles while also stimulating weak, flaccid muscles. This “muscle balancing” will improve posture and movement performance. Massage does not specifically improve muscle strength, but it does help you heal faster from exercise-induced exhaustion. More exercise and preparation can be done in this manner, which strengthens muscles and enhances conditioning in the long run. Massage also stretches the muscles and connective tissues that cover and protect the muscles, as well as many other areas of the body, helping to keep these tissues elastic.