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When selecting a contractor, keep these things in mind. Choose a contractor who has a strong track record and has been in the industry for a long time. Choose a paving contractor in your region who has exclusive access to materials; these asphalt contractors have worked hard to gain their status as certified material contractors. You must shield yourself from freezing temperatures regardless of the season. This is valid if the asphalt sealer is being stored for the day or the season. You’ll end up with a damaged product that’s worthless to you if you don’t. If it’s the end of the day or the end of the season, keep your sealant at 45o to 50o F. Okay, that was a bad pun, but agitation is vital for having the product ready to use. After only 3 hours, emulsion sealers may begin to separate and require stirring. Remember to prepare for evaporation as well as the need to add water, which may require mixing. And if you’re just storing asphalt sealer for the night or the weekend, you’ll need a way to thoroughly mix it before applying it. Click here to find more about Elite Sealcoating LLC are here
There are a few options for accomplishing this. To begin, stir with a stick, such as a broom handle, to ensure that everything is thoroughly combined. Second, some sealant storage tanks have manual or hydraulic agitation paddles that can be used to remix unused sealcoat. Finally, a recirculation setting on your spray device is perfect. That way, your seal coating mix will be properly emulsified before spraying when you’re doing the asphalt prep. Tip: Don’t Get Too Agitated! When re-circulating, you don’t want to transform your seal coat into a bubbling foam, so mix thoroughly rather than creating a foamy mess. This isn’t a smart idea. It’s much safer to keep asphalt sealer in the barrels that it came in.