Quick Recap About Faux Wood Blinds

The term faux wood blinds can apply to many types of window coverings, but faux wood is the most well known. Faux wood is usually made from fake wood that is painted with a color to appear like natural wood. Although the material will still be processed, it has no woodworking detail and is not stained or sanded in any way. The reason that faux wood blinds are so popular is because they resemble real wood very closely and also is cheaper than real wood.Learn more by visiting Faux Wood Blinds near Me

The three basic types of faux wood blinds are louvered blinds, horizontal blinds, and vertical blinds. The most popular styles are horizontal and vertical, as these types provide the most visual room coverage and are easy to clean. The less expensive types are less likely to last long, but still look good for several years. They do require more maintenance than real wood window coverings, so you should buy these at the lowest price you can find.

There are some advantages to using faux wood blinds over real woods. For instance, louvered blinds are less likely to sag or warp, making them less likely to damage your windows. Horizontal blinds are also less likely to cut off insulation between the slats than vertical blinds are. They also do not need to be painted or treated like real wood window coverings do.