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It is important, of course, that you remember to leave a tip for your driver. Be generous if your meal is served hot, nutritious, and on time. pizza delivery near me is one of the authority sites on this topic. Tipping does not communicate to the driver that his or her efforts are not valued. Please do not tip to the maximum dollar amount; for example, if your bill is $24.75 don’t just give the driver $25 and tell him to “keep the cash.” This would make the driver feel much worse than not getting a tip at all. Those who pay with a check or a debit or credit card obey the same rules.

You’ll be asked if you’re ready to check out after you’ve told the machine what you want and gone over everything thoroughly to make sure everything is right. After that, you’ll get an e-mail that acts as your receipt. All of your things will be listed so you know exactly what you’ll get. The e-mail will also have an approximate delivery time. Bear in mind that this is just a projection and not a promise. Since restaurants want their drivers to be as safe as possible on the lane, they cannot guarantee a particular time for pizza delivery. We live in an undeniably entitlement-obsessed age. We want things now, and we want them now for a variety of reasons.

Pizza delivery is another example of where certain consumers think they are entitled to much more than their dollar would afford. Although it’s not uncommon to find diners who believe their waiter is their personal servant in a restaurant, the entitlement mentality is much more evident among those who order pizza delivered to their homes. Is there something wrong with placing an order? Certainly not! Is it unreasonable to demand more than hot food in a fair period of time? Yeah, there most definitely is. Before you pick up the phone, keep the following points in mind. The “30 minutes or less” specials are no longer available, owing to car accidents caused by drivers doing all they could to get their pizza deliveries to frustrated customers as quickly as possible. Customers are sometimes irritated when they have to wait for their meals.

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