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“Mommy Makeover” is often a phrase used to define complete rejuvenation of your upper body and abdomen. The goal here is to address any of the most obvious physical changes that occur after childbirth, especially to the breast. On the upper breast, these are typically the most common changes that occur, including deflation and sagging.view publisher site

Most plastic surgeons use this term as a catchall description for all of their cosmetic procedures. This term was actually created by Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, a board certified plastic surgeon. In fact, most of my patients who have had breast reconstruction surgery have had a mommy makeover as part of the procedure. Since more women are seeking plastic surgery in general, there has been an increase in plastic surgeons performing these types of cosmetic procedures. Some may call them “maternity procedures”, but the term is also used quite often when discussing breast augmentation surgery or other similar cosmetic procedures.

You may be asking why you would need to have a mommy makeover surgery. Your body is continually changing and aging. The skin on your arms, chest, stomach, butt, thighs, back, neck, and head is continuously rejuvenating itself. Unfortunately, because the process can be slow, many women are opting for a procedure which can rejuvenate their appearance. This is especially true since plastic surgeons have developed equipment that can help make these procedures safer and quicker.