Home Improvement Installer-An Analysis

A suspended ceiling is a lightweight, functional, and easy-to-install ceiling that is commonly used in basements. It requires potential servicing of tubing, wiring, and ductwork. We get more info from the page

A grid structure is suspended from the joists of the roof or from the current ceiling. Wall angles, main tees, and cross tees are among the grid bits.

Determine the ceiling height below both ducts and other overhead obstructions while having the tallest door and window frames in mind.

At this height, draw a level chalk line on the walls. Fasten the wall angles by aligning the lower edge on the chalk line and nailing through the wallboard into the wall studs, starting in one corner and working your way across the building. Cut out a section of the upper part of each angle at the outer corners, then overlap one angle over the other. Simply lap one corner over the other for an inside corner.

On the wall angles, the main tees are mounted. To protect the wire hangers, mark their positions on the walls and mount screw eyes to the ceiling joists. Temporarily lock a key tee section on top of the wall angles on opposite sides of the room to decide hanger weight. Tightly tie a rope between the hanger holes. Hanger wires should be inserted into the screw eyes and bent immediately underneath the thread.

Nail 1 inch X 3 inch lumber bridges over the joists and drive screw eyes into them where main tees can run parallel but not directly under them. Then, as before, decide the length of the hanger cable.

Each key tee should have one end resting on a wall angle with the other end attached to a wire hanger, followed by intermediate hangers. All key tees should be hung around the wall, splicing as required.

Cut the cross tees to length (if necessary) to match the ceiling grid’s boundaries. Snap the other ends into the main tee slots and position the cut ends on the wall angles. Snap all cross tees into position as you work your way around the bed.

Slip the ceiling panels up through the holes and lay them on the flanges of the angles and tees until the whole grid work is in progress.

This will give you a clear understanding of how much work goes into installing a suspended ceiling structure. Installation manuals and diagrams for a grid structure suspended ceiling can usually be found at most home improvement stores.