Cloud Faxing and Why It’s Important

Cloud faxing is a new alternative to dealing with physical paper fax machines and documents. As long as a business has an online account and an active internet connection, they are well within their rights to use a cloud faxing service. This method uses digital files on the computer rather than the traditional physical files that are stored in a fax machine. The advantage to this is that a company does not need to pay extra for extra features like a fax number or a specific file type. Instead, all that is needed is a computer and internet connection, and the internet fax software will do the rest. Click here to find out more

Cloud Faxing services generally allow a company to receive faxes over the internet. A user of the service can select what types of documents they would like to receive through their online fax machine and then they simply fill out a form online and the service will send it to any compatible internet fax machines that are connected to the service. This allows for multiple users of the cloud faxing software to receive faxes, and each individual fax can be sent to one user or multiple users if space on the network is at a premium. Cloud Faxing also saves time for businesses because there is no longer the need to have a fax machine on site at every business location.

Most companies that offer cloud faxing services also offer virtual fax numbers which are identical to traditional phone numbers except that they are accessible online. This helps a business go paperless because they no longer have to pay extra for extra equipment and paper to accommodate their needs when sending a fax. Businesses can get extra services such as unlimited numbers of local and toll free fax numbers for as little as $5 per month with some services.