Burger – Secrets Revealed

A burger is simply a grilled or broiled sandwich, typically containing one or more medium-size ground beef, most commonly sardines, in a slice of thin bread. The patty can be grilled, pan fried, smoked or grilled. In many cases, the burger patty is served alone, on its own, with lettuce and tomato. In some other cases the burger patty is served with fries. In Japan, however, the patty is served with one of three primary types of Japanese vegetable – scallions, onions or ginger.

In addition to being served as a sandwich, a Burger also can be served as a sandwich to complement a meal. In a Hamburgers & BBQ restaurant, for instance, a “burger sandwich” can be a simple white bread sandwich with beef cooked medium-fat, served on a bun, with pickles, onions and mayonnaise. Or it can be served as a hot dog replacement, with the patty replaced in the middle with ground beef served on a grilled hot dog bun with onions, peppers and garlic. If desired, the sandwich can be served with fries or grilled chicken.

One of the best characteristics of the original Burger is that it contains two slices of bread. Typically, two slices of bread are replaced with this single slice. This simple approach keeps the original but still moist while allowing for easy eating. With all of the possible combinations possible, a burger is an exciting and delicious food experience that can satisfy even the most demanding palate.