Age Proof Your Skin With A Nutritionist

It’s now or never.

Most skincare experts recommend starting anti-aging programmes when you reach the age of 25. This could seem premature, given that a 25-year-skin old’s should be perfect (unless, of course, alcohol, cigarettes, and sun beds have become a habit), but prevention is still better than cure, so maybe I’ve left it a little late at the ripe old age of 26… Learn more by visiting AustinMD Aesthetics & Wellness.

However, as I think about it, I’ve been anti-aging my body and skin for years without even realising it. Every day, I fuel my body with nutrient-dense foods, drink teacup after teacup of green tea, and practise yoga in the morning. I suppose I could age-proof my life even more by getting more than 4 hours of sleep a night – I just find sleep so unproductive… However, I believe I’ve done a decent job.

I’m always mistaken for someone far younger than I am, so I must be doing something right! So, at the age of 26, I’ve taken the first step toward consciously preventing my age from showing on my face. This phase is also indicated by a luminous flashing E.

Yes, vitamin E oil is drip-feeding everlasting youth to my cells.

It comes in a small yellow bottle and is 100 percent pure vitamin E extracted from wheat germ oil, sesame oil, lemon oil, and alpha-tocopherols. I’ve been massaging a few drops on my skin each night before bedtime. This vitamin, which is known for rapid recovery, aids in the removal of wounds, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and fine lines.

When people hear the term “anti-ageing,” they sometimes think of topical creams, gels, and other items that are bombarded upon them at almost every commercial break on television. Yes, external application of some ingredients has been shown to help hydrate cells, preventing cell damage and slowing down what we now call ‘ageing.’ (Vitamin E, along with rosehip oil, omega fatty acids, and other antioxidants, is one of these unsung heroes that can be found on the ingredient list of many ‘anti-ageing’ skincare products.) Internal nourishment, on the other hand, is the most powerful way to help you draw out your youth. After all, the skin is just a snapshot of what’s going on under it.